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CREEK BABY orders $75+ ship FREE in US
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Summer in Arkansas it is super hot when the sun is out and super cool when the sun goes down.  As kids we would spend the entire day boating through the Arkansas river, stoping at random sand dunes to swim and explore - waiting till the very last minute to dry off.  After the sunset my dad would speed through the darkness to get us all home.  My mom would wrap my brother and I in semi-dry towels and try to block the wind.  I can still feel the cold sprinkles of water hitting my face from the rocky waves and it still makes me smile.  I loved every bit of it - I was wet, cold and sitting on a hard floor - and it was Awesome!  The style and look of our new items were inspired by memories such as this one.  The colors of the sand covering our toes, the texture of native plants, the blue skys...  We pray that you go out exploring and that the last thing on your mind is covering up your latest breakout with makeup or getting a sunburned.  Creek Baby items were simply made to keep life simple.  

We are still tweaking a few things on the website so please hold tight we will send out an email when every thing is fully loaded. 

Thank you for your amazing love and support! 

Tell us about one of your memories in our comment section below.

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