CREEK BABY orders $75+ ship FREE in US
CREEK BABY orders $75+ ship FREE in US
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Have you heard of shampoo bars?

They are a great way to help reduce plastic waste in our environment, but it’s super hard to find one that doesn’t leave your hair with a gummy residue.  I tried so many “natural shampoos” with sad results that I almost gave up.  I said “almost”.  Thankfully I was introduced to Becci - she is our local Soap Guru and we worked for months and months and months... and   created the best shampoo I ever used! My husband loves it - my daughter loves it - we even had a prelaunch customer write in that she loves it and her pet loves it! 🤣  So are images are Not final but we couldn’t wait to share it with you all! We have a limited initial quantity so get yours soon! Shop Here

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