CREEK BABY orders $75+ ship FREE in US
CREEK BABY orders $75+ ship FREE in US
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Welcome to CreekBaby where all of our made from scratch beauty blends are SIMPLE, SAFE and UNSCENTED.

We want to build a relationship with you and inspire you to explore natural beauty with us.



Meet Our Team!  

Bethany is our photographer and social media manger for our visual platforms. She is a local wife and mother and a creative addition to our team.  Through her talents and gifts God brings our vision to life and we are so blessed to work with her!


Robin is our logistics manager, forecaster, and soap cutting expert.  She is a local mom and wife and creates a joyful atmosphere for CreekBaby to grow. Basically she is our comic relief and we couldn't do it without her!

Olivia is our true CEO, our inspiration and priceless packer.  If you are lucky you may find a hand-crafted piece of art work in your CreekBaby order drawn by yours truly.  She was the reason Misty started researching natural beauty blends and CreekBaby was named after her - read more here.


Misty is the founder and maker.  She decided to launch in February 2015 after the support of her husband a.k.a. tax guru, form filler-outer, and CFO.  It was during her pregnancy that she discovered natural DIY beauty solutions that cleared up her skin.  She found that the reason her simple formulas were working so well is because they were simple - no fillers no additives - just the best version of an ingredient.


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