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Mom + Baby

Being a Mom is AMAZING, but at times it can also be overwhelming.  We want to make choosing skin care for you and your little one simple by offering products that you both can use.

Misty's product notes for new Moms:

Like a lot of women, I did not start looking for all natural organic beauty products until I was pregnant and that is why the Mom + Baby Collection is so important to me.  I created these blends for my own skin, but quickly learned the benefit of using them on her as well.

face moisturizer for new moms best makeup remover for sensitive skin 

Pregnancy Acne - It took me almost 2 months of using the Coco-Olive Facial Creme and the Sea-Salt Spray before my acne cleared up completely - our products are not an overnight cure, but they have helped tons find natural solutions for their hormonal and cystic acne.  I do always recommend to drink lots of water and try to replace cow milk with either Almond or Hemp milk (I'm allergic to almonds so I chose hemp milk during my pregnancy).

Nursing Cream/Belly Balm/Diaper Rash - you will want something that you don't have to wipe off in between sessions because seriously who has a wipe when you need it's better for you to keep your chest constantly hydrated so I used the Coconut Body Creme which is our pure organic coconut oil with OUT essential oils.  Essential oils can be great, but there are a lot that are not safe for your baby to consume.  I searched high and low for the best coconut oil for my skin and when your pregnant you go to any lengths when you set your mind on something...  The good news is the Coconut Body Creme is also your belly balm cream and can be used as a diaper rash cream.  It has natural anti-bacterial properties in it so it's great for rashes and can even be used as toothpaste. So this item is a definite diaper bag essential!  Just make sure to put it in a zip lock bag because coconut oil melts when hot and hardens when cold.  Also, it can feel oily at first, but absorbs quickly and will not stain your clothes (just wash them twice).  

Unscented soap - to be honest I did not use soap on my little one when she was a baby.  Every now and then I would put a little white vinegar in her bath water and that was enough, but during the toddler stage I've found how vital soap really is for children and came up with an unscented all natural soap that happens to look like the Arkansas rocks you find on our creek beds - hence the name Rock Soap.  You can break off a little piece and reseal the package until you use up that piece.  That way the entire bar does not get gunky.  Plus we want it to last as long as possible for you and well us too.