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CREEKSHADE Face and Body SPF Lotion

$ 14.99

As some may know when launching a new SPF formula it takes 9 to 10 months of testing and gaining approvals and a lot of expense.  Also, the FDA requires that SPF be manufactured in an OTC facility.  We are working towards getting this. 

We can not guarantee coverage and we recommend testing any skin care product prior to full use incase you are allergic to any ingredients. 

Since so many of you have asked me for our natural sunscreen lotion again this year we are offering it now temporarily.  It will be available for purchase from now until June 15!

This is the sunscreen lotion I use on my little one and myself.  I reapply every hour or two.  We also recommend swimsuits with SPF coverage and hats (we LOVE hats)!

Sun exposure is NOTHING to mess with, but if you do find yourself with a burn then apply the Coconut Body Creme 3 or 4 times within the 4 hours after a burn to help nourish your skin and keep it from peeling.

ALL SPF ORDERS will ship JUNE 22!


Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide (*organic)