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Rock Soap & Dish Set

$ 18.00

What makes our Rock Soap different from other soaps?

  • It's unscented - Fragrance FREE Soap!
  • We use a natural forming lye to make it lather
    • vs. most hand made soaps use a chemical lye
  • It's more than 50% Shea Butter
  • Less than 5 ingredients
  • It's Anti-fungal

What to use it for?

  • Face, Body and/or short hair
  • Great for reducing the appearance of dark spots and acne
  • May help with eczema (depends on the type)

This Set is perfect for self or gifting!  It includes a full size Rock Soap and a handcrafted Soap Dish featuring our CB logo.  Each soap dish is a unique one of a kind piece made for holding your Rock Soap piece.

Value at $20.99 when purchased separately.